Sunday, December 30, 2012

That instant connection

New form of media opens doors to friendships, negativity

By Lajuan Kerr Tallo

The Diary of Elaine: Sunday, Complicated Sunday

Death in the family makes celebrating Christmas feel like a mockery

By Elaine Payne

The Diary of Elaine: Substitutions

Work situation complicated by replacements

By Elaine Payne

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The "Hallmark" of Christmas

Why can't the religious and secular sides of Christmas co-exist?

By Lajuan Kerr Tallo

The Diary of Elaine: Lonely Catholicism in North Carolina

Getting to a Catholic Church is a lot more complicated in the Bible Belt

By Elaine Payne

Life as a Priest: Outsmarting the collared man

Since when did everyone become smarter than a priest?

By Fr. Chip Hines

Conversion Road Part One: Catholic Wedding Conundrum

For this soon-to-be Catholic, where to get married isn't as easy as it should be

By Emily Gedert

Future Freakout I: Dating boys

Even before his daughter turns one, this dad is already panicking about high school romance

By Dustin Faber

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